Mt. Daualagiri is the 7th highest mountain in the world with 8167m height. It’s name is derived from Sanskrit " Dhavala means" means "White" and giri is "Mountain" . Mount Dhaulagiri was first climbed by the Swiss in 1960.  Daulagiri has been one of the impressive mountains to climb for adventure lovers. It is mostly climbed in Spring season. The snow condition and weather remains better in spring season than other times. Since Annapurna and Dhaulagiri are neighboring mountains and the weather condition on both mountains are same.  

 Dhaulagiri is also good for skiing 



Altitude: 8167m, 26,795ft

Grade: ++++

Location:   Nepal
First ascent:
   May 13, 1960 by Kurt Diemberger, Peter Diener, Nawang Dorje Sherpa, Nima Dorjee Sherpa, Ernst Forrer and Albin Schelbert
Expedition:    Switzerland
Summits/Deaths: 448/69

Death Rate after summit: 15.40%

Facts: Dhaulagiri used to be considered as hard peak to climb. The death rate is slowly going down comparatively.The normal route on the peak has some short technical sections and some avalanche danger but overall it’s a quite straight forward climb.

Trip 2021

Name:        Imagine Nepal Dhaulagiri expedition 2021

Event:        High Altitude Mountaineering

Location:   Nepal

Arrival in Nepal:   31st August 2021

Departure from Nepal:  10th October, 2021 (Predicted)

Booking Ends:           5th August 2021

 Prices    Service Till Summit:      17,500/- USD

                 Service Till Base Camp:  9,500/- USD

 Dhaulagiri last summited pictures

Imagine Nepal Trek and Expeditions achievements  chick on me


Day01:  Arrival in Kathmandu. Transfer to your hotel.

Day02:  Kathmandu for official procedures.

Day03:  Fly to Pokhara and drive to Tatopani.

Day 04: Fly to Dhaulagiri Base Camp (4700m 15420ft) by helicopter

Day05-36: Climbing Period Mt. Dhaulagiri.

Day 37: Rest and packing day in Base camp.

Day 38: Fly back to Tatopani and drive to Pokhara.

Day 39: Fly back to Kathmanu.

Day 40:  debriefing at Tourism Ministry and rest day. 

Day41:  Departure from Nepal.


Cost included

Service In 17,500/- USD

  1. Daulagiri Climbing Permit and other required permit.
  2.  .        Helicopter service-2 ways (Takam-Base camp-Takam)
  3.           National park permit fee
  4.         way flight (Kathmandu-pokhara-Kathmandu)
  5.          Private jeep to Tatopani and back to Pokhara
  6.         Liaison Officer fee 
  7.        1member: 1climbing Sherpa from Nepal
  8.        Oxygen (4 cylinders to climbing member and for climbing Sherpa as required) 
  9.         Latest Mask Regulator Set (TopOut mask)
  10.            Staff insurance (climbing Sherpa, Kitchen staff and porters) 
  11.         Allowance for Sherpa & other staffs  
  12.         Lodging & Food during trekking and Expedition
  13.       Transfer in Kathmandu
  14.      Hotel in Kathmandu on BB plan (Bed and Breakfast)
  15.       Group Climbing gear ( rope, ice crew, snow bar, Epi gas, and cooking pots)  
  16.      Tents and food in Base camp and High camps. 
  17.       Kitchen Staffs at Base camp 
  18.      Porter to BC & back   
  19.      Solar set at Base camp 
  20.     Generator (for charging high voltage electronic devices)    
  21.      Communication (walkieTalkie)
  22.      Weather Report based from Swiss Forecast
  23.      Satellite phone service with fixed calling charge

Service in 9,500/- USD:

1.     Daulagiri Climbing Permit

2.     2 ways Helicopter service. (Takham-Base camp-Takam)

3.     National park permit

4.     2way flight (Kathmandu-pokhara-kathmandu)

5.     Private jeep to Tatopani and back to Pokhara

6.     Liaison Officer fee

7.     Allowence to Kitchen staffs.

8.     Lodging & Food during trekking and Expedition

9.     Transfer in Kathmandu

10.     Hotel in kathmandu on BB plan (Bed and Breakfast)

11.      Group Climbing gear ( rope, ice crew, snow bar and fixing them)

12.     Tents and food in Base camp.

13.     Kitchen Staffs at Base camp

14.      Solar set at Base camp

15.      Generator (for charging high voltage electronic devices)

16.     Communication (walkieTalkie)

17.      Weather Report based from Swiss Forecast

                18.     Satellite phone service with fixed calling charge

cost excluded

17,500/- USD doesn’t includes:

1.      International Airfare

2.     Summit Bonus to personnel climbing Sherpa of 1000/-USD

3.      Member’s Personal climbing equipments.

4.     Personal climbing Insurance

5.      Nepal Visa fee

6.       Helicopter Rescue if needed for single person (your insurance will cover it in case of sever sick or any accident)

7.     Tips to Staffs if you like.

9,500/- USD doesn’t includes:

1.      International Airfare.

2.      Member’s Personal climbing equipments.

3.     Personal climbing Insurance.

4.     Nepal Visa fee.

5.     Helicopter Rescue if needed for single person (your insurance will cover it in case of sever sick or any accident).

6.     Alcoholic drinks. 

7.  Tips to Staffs if you like



1.    Passport
2.    Money, Traveler’s Cheques and Credit cards
3.    Personal Travel Insurance

 Sunglass Normal-1
2.    Casual Clothing for travel and Kathmandu-1set
3.    Polypropylene shirt or T-Shirt-4-5
4.    Warm fleece inner-2
5.    Fleece jacket    -1
6.     Wind Jacket-1
7.    Down suit-1
8.    Down Jacket-1
9.    Down pant-1
10.    Light weight trouser-1
11.    Heavy weight trousers
12.    Fleece trouser-1
13.    Wind pants-1
14.    Polypropylene long Jons-1
15.    Underwear-5
16.    Light weight-1
17.    Light weight gloves-1
18.    Down Mitts-1
19.    Heavy mitts-1
20.    Ski Gloves-1
21.    Sun Hat-1
22.    Warm Hat-1
23.    Headband/buff-1
24.    Light weight walking shocks-6
25.    Climbing shocks-4
26.    Rain coat or Umbrella for trekking-1

1.    Climbing Boots-1
2.   Plastic/leather boots-1
3.    Trekking boots-1
4.    Gaiter-1

1.     Sun and-1
2.     lip care -1
3.    Personal first aid kit-1
4.    Repair kit like (needle, threat)
5.    Reading materials
6.    Diary and Writing material
7.    Camera/video camera

1.    Harness-1
2.    Unlock karabiners -3
3.    Screw/lock karabiners-3
4.    Descender/fig.8/-1
5.    Ascender/Jumor-1
6.    Tape slings-2
7.    Set prussic loops-2
8.    Ice Axe- 1
9.    Retractable poles- 1 set
10.    Crampons-1
11.    Helmet-1
12.    Head Lamp-2
13.    Batteries- 4sets/4times changeable
14.    Sunglass with UV rays protection-1
15.    Googles-1
16.    Water bottle-1
17.    Pee Bottle-1
18.    Ruck sack- 45-55ltr -1a

Sleeping Bag (30°c)-1or 2
Thermarest mat-1

News 2017

2017-04-04:  Our logisitic team on Dhaulagiri are now in Base Camp and our climbing members fly to base camp on 8th April

2017-04-11: Climbing members have safely reached to the base camp and are preparing for their ascend to camp I as scheduled.

2017-04-19 : All the members and Sherpa are in good health.They have headed to the camp 2 today and if weather supports the team plans to make it to the summit on 22nd.

2017-04-20 :Team had to return back to the base camp due to unfavorable Climate.They shall head again as soon as the weather clears up.

2017-04-27: Team has fixed the route till camp 3 and are taking rest at camp 2. Hopefully we plan to make to the summit on 29th April.The wind seems to be decreasing and the weather is favoring for our summit push.

2017-04-30: Made a successful ascent to the summit at 12.20pm. The first team to make it to the summit for this season in 8000m Peak.

2017-05-02 :All the member have safely returned to Kathmandu and the logistic group are on there way back after the successful completion of the Imagine Nepal Dhaulagiri Expedition 2017.



Note: Itinerary can be changed as per weather conditions and clients' wish.

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