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This year we have 8 members from different different country in Imagine International Manaslu expedition 2019 team. and our sperpas, staffs and 3 members are already departed from kathmandu to set Base camp.

5-09-2019: Our Manaslu Expedition Team today reached Bhimthang and remaining team will leave in 3 days and final two members will arrive only on 20-September.

6:09-2019: Our Manaslu team today reached Sama Gaon. our staffs and sherpa will go base camp on tomorrow and members will take one day at there Sama Gaon.

13-09-2019:Our Manaslu team are at Manaslu Base Camp. Yesterday went to camp1 and back. It has been raining continuously for more than 50 hours now. Sherpa Calendar shows Monsoon ends on 17th September so we can expect heavy snowfall in beginning of Autumn. they will try to finish  acclimatization by 20th September.

19-09-2019:Tomorrow our team is leaving for Manaslu Summit push. If all go ok then they will make Summit on 25th September.

21-09-2019:Today our half team departed to camp1 for final summit push. Remaining will join them tomorrow. Our plan is 21Sept. to camp1, 22Sept. to camp2, 23 Sept. to camp3, 24Sept. to Camp4 and 25Sept. to Summit

22-09-2019:Our half team reached camp2 and half team in camp1 now. Tomorrow the Sherpa team will set up camp4 and join all the team at camp3. Rope to camp4 is done today. Everything is going well so far.

24-09-2019:Our Team is now in Camp4. They will depart tonight for final summit push from C4.


Our first team made Manaslu Summit this morning between 6:30-7am. Now the climbers are on their way back. Name list are

1.Tamting Sherpa 
2.Angdu Sherpa 
3.Pemba Chote Sherpa 
4.Pasang Namgel Sherpa
5.Phur Gyalje Sherpa
6.王璇 (Wang Xuan) 
7.Dean Carrier  (World Sherpa)
8.John Snorri 
9.Sirbaz Khan 
10.Batbold Banzragch 
11.于鹏坤 (Yu Pengkun)

Dean and Sirbaz climbed without oxygen and John is first Icelander and Batbold is first Mongolian on Manaslu.

Congratulations to the team.

Our remaining summit is scheduled for 3rd October.

25-09-2019:All our Manaslu team members are safely back to Base Camp. They will descend back to Samagaun tomorrow and fly back to Kathmandu on 27Sept.